The Best Rums in the West Country!

A well-timed splash of hearty rum is heaven, isn’t it? Whether it’s straight, with a mixer, or in a mojito, you can’t beat a smooth rum warming the cockles of your heart. Especially if it’s spicy, or fruity (you’ll love the new flavours coming up)!

Excitingly, there are some really incredible rums emerging from the West Country right now. You probably haven’t heard of them, but they’re so seriously tasty I have to introduce you. You don’t want to miss out.

Did you know that from April to June last year (2020), rum sales in the UK increased by 38%?(1)

If you’re up for experimenting and finding the best rums of your life you’re in for a treat. And the best thing? They’re no more expensive than what you get in the supermarket (but they taste better)!

So let me lead you along the Sweet Drinks rum trail from Somerset to Devon so you can relish the rum revival...

Interesting rum fact: rum comes from molasses - this is what is left after crystalised sugar is removed from sugarcane juice. Molasses give rum that beautiful brown colour.

Where can you find the Best Rums?

You no longer need to travel to the Carribean. From beautiful Bath to funky Frome, then on to the delightful Devonshire coast, here are the best of British rums right on your doorstep… all you need to do is click.

Which Rum is best?

The best rum is smooth, warm, and balanced. Lucky for you, it’s a simple matter of choosing your favourite flavour from the following…

Bag yourself Beckford’s Rum in Bath!

Beckford’s is the best rum if you love, love, love caramel. The Caramel bottle actually won the Great Taste award in 2019 - and for good reason! (It actually took my “favourite drink” crown when I first tried it!)

With a choice of gorgeous Caribbean flavours, they’ll have a delectable rum to suit you:

Beckford’s rum is supreme when it comes to smoothness and good taste. It’s available as 25% or 40% ABV and in 20cl or 70cl bottles, so you can get a small bottle if you just want a little bit. 

Treat yourself to your future favourite drink here today!

Interesting rum fact: British sailors used to get a “rum ration” from the 18th century up to 1970.(2)

Race over to grab fabulous rum at Friary Drinks in Frome

The ultimate rum if you’re a fan of blackcurrant is from Friary Drinks. This local maker is currently headed by two sisters who source the best spirits and then hand-craft them into fabulous easy-to-drink spirits.

These vegan rums are aged in oak barrels to make them extra smooth. They come in two incredible flavours:

  • Spiced - infused with orange and lemon peel, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and nutmeg. 
  • Blackcurrant - winner of the Great Taste award 2020, this is rich, fruity, and aromatic.

Both rums are 18% and are available in 350ml sized bottles and are great value for money

Sip the sweet stuff here.

Interesting fact: Heavy, dark rums are the oldest, most traditional rums. They come from Jamaica, Barbados, and Guyana. 

Down in Devon you’ll discover delicious spiced rums!

Get pulled towards Pull the Pin in Totnes!

The perfect rum for parties comes from Pull the Pin. These rums are light and come in various spicy and fruity flavours.

From the moment you pull the pin out of these beautiful bottles (worthy of a front-shelf spot in every drinks cabinet), you’re pulled in!

With all three bottles in-stock you’ll have a “rum rainbow”, one golden, one silver, one pink. The flavours? 

Pull the Pin has the best ethos: to live life to the full! 

Are you ready to release the flavours and get pulled in by this premium rum?! If so, click here.

Saunter along to The Devon Rum Company in Woolacombe...

The most suave, sophisticated spiced rum in the West Country comes from The Devon Rum Company. Here’s a rum that forces you to drink slowly, to savour, and to enjoy every sip.

Devon Rum’s Premium Spice starts life at 80% - enough to put hairs on your chest! To turn it into a deliciously sippable 40% spirit, Dave and Giles dilute it with Devon spring water and natural aromatic spices, pepper and citrus zest.

All the ingredients are ethically sourced and they only use 100% recyclable packaging. 

The makers say, “Time flies when you’re having rum”! Get your rum fun here!

Serving suggestion: if you like to mix rum, try it with apple juice or ginger beer. Although ALWAYS try it on the rocks before adding a mixer (you don’t want to spoil high-quality rum)!

Historical rum fact: Pirates used to drink “Pirate Grog”, a mixture of rum, water, sugar, and nutmeg!

Which rum is best for you?

You’re probably thinking, “But they all sound amazing, which rum is best for me?” Sweet Drinks’ advice? Think about how you like to drink it. If it’s for post-lockdown parties, you’ll want a variety of flavours. If it’s for you and whoever you live with, go selfish and choose what suits your preferences…


Here’s why these West Country rums are perfect for you...

  • They’re supreme quality West Country rums from local drink makers.
  • Your choice of flavours from a premium Sweet Drinks collection.
  • These artisan rums are smooth, spicy, fruity, warming, and quite frankly, as cool as rum comes!
  • The bottles look smart in your drinks cabinet.
  • You and your visitors will be like, “Oh. Wow. I need more of this!” #guaranteed 
  • You’ll be supporting local, ethical businesses.

For “gurt lush” rums that slide smoothly over ice and your tongue, try these from your West Country makers. Join the Sweet Drinks rum trail by ordering your favourites here today! 

Author: Karla Neblett

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