When the Honeys bought the farm back in 190, the old maps – like so many in Somerset – had ‘orchard’ marked on several grass paddocks.  It took 42 years, but in 2002 Bob Honey revived that tradition by planting traditional Somerset grazed orchards of big, widely spaced trees giving the sheep and cattle shade and shelter.  In return, they keep the grass and provide fertility to the orchard soil.

In this age of globalization, they are proud to be part of the glorious regional heritage of West Country Cider.  They are working closely with other sustainable local orchards to preserve the rich tradition for generations to come.

Honey’s Cider is a local family business (Kim, her dad and her partner) based on the farm in Midford, Bath.  At Honey’s they produce true craft cider themselves using the best heritage West Country apple varieties, wild yeasts and traditional techniques. Honey’s have traditional orchards where the Bob Honey's Hereford cattle graze and then they get to each the apple pomace left over after pressing - happy cows!  

They love every part of the cider making process, from pressing the apples in the Autumn to drinking and selling it in the Spring.

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